Are you NUTS?!

Recently  I shared that I visited a dietician.  He told me that the worst thing I could have done for my diverticulitis was to STOP eating nuts. I thought that sounded,  well, NUTS. It was my understanding that nuts were the enemy.  What if a piece gets stick in my intestinal tract? He assured me that the fiber found in nuts is the best for gut health. And yes, there’s a chance it could hurt me,  but there’s also a chance that I could walk outside and be hit by a meteor. 
I am standing before you diverticulitis friends telling you to EAT ALL THE NUTS!!! I have been for a good month now and have had 0 problems. In fact, it seems to be helping my gut issues.  If you are not sure, try a little and wait 2 days for the results.  I bet you find it is. A-ok.
Now that nuts are back in play, snacking and cooking never tasted better!


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