Detox derailed

So by the end of day 3, I chose to STOP my metabolic detox. There were a few reasons. 
1.) The “medical food” protein powder was horrid. No matter what I tried,  the taste was something I could not overcome.  It tasted, to me, like my vomit smells. For as much as I was instructed to drink it ( 2 times a day gor 3 days and up to 4 times a day for 3 days) I could not get past the taste no matter how I masked it with fruit, kale, juice… So by the third dose and 3 separate attempts with it coming right back up, I stopped with the powder.
2.) My whole body was suffering.  I was falling asleep at work.  I was falling asleep driving home. I had splitting headaches from no caffeine.  And once I got over the initial headaches I had steady all day headaches.  My joints ached. I had bad brain fog. I felt like I had the flu.
3.) Now the gross part. I started having irritation from my bowel movements thar caused me to have continued butt bleeding for 3 days, which includes the days following my quitting the detox. There was no blood IN my stool, just from my butt.
I feel like I wasted time and money here. This may work for some, but not me.


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