Glutino Gluten Free Pizza

As an Italian with diverticulitis it is very difficult to have to always ask when eating out at restaurants whether or not their sauce [gravy] has been made smooth or is chunky because as a proper pasta and pizza eater- this should never cause an issue. It does now, however, because I need to watch my seeds.


I have also discovered that gluten free does me a world of good when my guts are not really handling digestion well or I am having alot of IBS and bloating.

So, what is an Italian girl to do when she is craving one of her favorite staples and requires good taste to be included with the health requirements? Well, today I tried Glutino Gluten Free Pizza at lunch. Not only was it filling, it tasted so full of flavor that I forgot it was a GF [gluten free] product. I love frozen pizzas for quick meals, so this one pleasantly surprised me.

I give this 4 stars. The directions require a toaster oven, but my crust wasn’t very crunchy for those who like that type of thing. I bought this at Giant Eagle for a little less than $6. Not bad, but the alternative frozen pizzas are usually on sale for $1…which makes me want to cures the diverticulitis gods!

Duo Cheese Pizza


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