Starting Day 1 of the Leaky Gut Diet

To give you some perspective into how I have been feeling since February when I was diagnosed with diverticulitis, here are the cyclical things I have experienced in the past 3 months.
I felt AWFUL going into the ER and coming out with diverticulitis. My antibiotic/ pain med prescription’s did very little to make me feel better and sleep was impossible. I was always nauseated and had pain in my abdomen. I had arthritis like joint pain so badly that there were times it was difficult to walk. After removing all harmful diverticulitis foods and implementing pre biotics, fiber, and a better multivitamin along with DGL licorice and sometimes ginger for nausea I felt…only ok.
As the weeks passed I would feel ok, but still had chronic fatigue. I struggled to keep my eyes open and at night I was kept awake with abdomen pain, gas, bloat, feeling like rocks were in my stomach, nausea, chest pains, and night sweats. That went on every 6-10 days and lasted for several days up to a week. I have brain fog too, and the joint pain kept returning.. Not cool.
I also have had a stomach flu, a sinus infection, severe allergies, and headaches since then. Not to mention weight gain that forced me to buy new or elastic pants because the pressure of jeans hurts my bloated abdomen even more.
This diet of only meat, recommended veggies, fruits, healthy fats, and limited sweeteners is said to help within 3 days. I should notice a difference and within a month I will stop feeling so awful. Fingers crossed as I start now…


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