Drum roll please……

Well, here I go. I am trying to do a 30 day removal of all problematic foods associated with leaky gut in hopes of feeling better. I cleaned out the cupboard and fridge. So no cheating!  Here is my day 1 pictured. I am following something similar to paleo but this is approved as the leaky gut diet.


Breakfast: 1 organic, gluten free chicken sausage, 1 hard boiled farm fresh egg.
Lunch: 1 oz nitrate free, hormone free salami with organic Dijon mustard to dip, 1 hard boiled farm fresh egg, 1 fugi apple skinned, sprinkled with all spice, 100 calories worth of cottage cheese, 1 diced cantelope.
Snacks, 2 servings of carrots with all natural creamy peanut butter to dip, 2 hard boiled farm fresh eggs.
Not pictured: dinner tomorrow night. Dinner will be lemon chicken skewers on the grill with a mixed greens salad.

Hoping this goes well!


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