In memoriam…foods I will never eat again

Thanks to diverticulitis there is a list of foods that I am no longer able to enjoy. I have been craving a few of these lately, and I feel as if time will not heal this wound. So I just wanted to give some recognition to the passing of some of my favorite foods. In no particular order, whether by being cautioned or finding out on my own what to avoid, RIP the following items.
* Nuts of any kind
* Seeds of any kind
* Popcorn
* Corn and corn on the cob
* Tomatoes
* Cucumbers (regular)
* Raw cabbage, coleslaw
* Snickers candy bar/ Snickers ice cream bar
* Fig Newtons
* Raspberries
* Mulberries
* Coconut
* Raw broccoli
* Beans
*Chunky peanut butter
* Lettuce wrapped chicken at Taiwan 101
* Grapes
* Pineapple
* Dill pickles
* Red meat in excess
* Trail mix
* Kiwi
* Burger King burgers
* Fresh cut fries
*Home fries with skins
* Potato skins
* Poppyseed dressing
* Peanut M & M’s
*Pistachio pudding
* White chip macadamia nut cookies
* Strawberry, blueberry, mixed fruit, pineapple or pin a colada yogurt
* Zucchini and yellow squash
* Fiddle Faddle
* Crunch n Munch
* Candy bars with almonds
* Pretzel salad
* Pasta salad
* Whole apples
* Figs
* Strawberry, raspberry jam
* Dried cranberries
* Chunky spaghetti sauce
* Almond Joy
* Mounds
* Baby Ruth
More things will come to me as I bump into certain foods I can no longer have, or when I find out the hard way. So I am sure this is the first in a series of food memoriams.
I ate pickles and tomatoes more than most. I could easily eat 2-3 jars of pickles and eat just as many shells of grape tomatoes in a week. I crave these and popcorn or regular corn more than anything lately. 😦  It is very hard to give up things that you love cold turkey. It hurts a little extra when you know these things were also good for you. I have been getting my cravings fix by eating English cucumbers, Dill Pickle potato chips, tortilla chips, and tomato sauce or juice. But it is NOT the same. I do not want to hurt my body or provoke the disease, but I am always looking for ways to get a taste of the foods I miss. One day maybe there will be an alternative way to safely eat the foods banned from the diet of those with diverticulitis; until then I will try and have good judgement and will power.


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