The Aldi Challenge

This week I am taking the Aldi challenge, which simply means I will plan out my meals for the week and buy the majority of what I need at Aldi.
Planning meals saves money and gives you better health benefits.

So to get started, for those of you who are unfamiliar with Aldi, here is an article on the store about some of the products and perks they offer.

Lots of great information about Aldi. How to shop… –
If you have never been to Aldi you will need a buggy quarter, your own bags (or buy your own there for 5-7¢) , a list, and ditch the credit cards…only debit cards or cash.

Aldi is a great store to find kitchen basics along with various specialty items for a fraction of the cost.
In my next blog I will post my menu for the week followed by my haul and cost. Throughout the week as I prepare my meals I will post them with the recipe.
Stay tuned…


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