I’ve Made a Foolish Mistake

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went out to a late breakfast with friends. And by late I mean, closer to lunch time. I had skipped a snack before we met up so I was pretty hungry by the time we ordered.
Due to my restrictions I was sure to get something that seemed harmless yet satisfying. I opted for a cheese and mushroom omelet with home fries and Mancini toast.
Amongst friends and engaged in conversation and laughs we all started to dig in once our platters were placed before us. Everyone was discussing how their choice of diner breakfast food turned out. And as I was about halfway through both my omelet and home fries…I turned to John wide eyed and pale. You see, I had just realized I had been eating potato skins!!!!!
I almost burst into tears. I know that I should be avoiding skins of all kinds. And I have been so careful and meticulous. My greatest fear had come to fruition.
Mortified I knew I could only wait to see how I felt. And although some people are fine with skins not everyone with diverticulitis can tolerate them.
Here I am, over 24 hours later and I did not wither up and die. But I did get a sick and sore feeling in my belly. I felt very much like I did when I had my first attack. But it never surpassed the overall bad feeling I had in my guts, which is a good thing. However, I found out the hard way that skins are not for me. Not now. Maybe not ever. I still feel the soreness and discomfort, but at least (I think) I dodged a bullet.


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