Detox Bath: An Ancient Practice

When I was going the the first stages of diverticulitis, one very painful symptom I experienced was constipation. And because of that, fighting off my infection, and inflammation, I also had several days of joint pain. I felt like an 80 year old with arthritis. I ached so much and would get stiff to the point that I was willing to try anything.
What worked for me beyond pain medication or ibuprofen was a detox bath. Think about all the toxins that must have been held hostage in my body since I was constipated for 4 1/2 days. Then add in the other problems being caused by my flare up and you understand that this toxic cocktail had nowhere to go and the longer it was stuck inside me, the worse I felt.
There is a local store where I like to purchase my detox bath items. It’s natural and uses real essential oils. If you want to get detox bath items choose a soap store like this, not Bath and Body Works. While they have pretty smelling soaps, you want au natural, not chemical floral scents.
My detox bath consisted of Brazilian Sea Salt (1 cup) and Rosemary Mint Essential Oils. (6 drops) I have large salt crystals that I crush in a pestle and mortar. And the 6 drops is more than enough for the aromatherapy.
Keep in mind this method draws out toxins so you want to make sure you are hydrating during and after the process. (Drink as much water as you can) You will need to draw a very hot bath. This will help you sweat it out.
If you want a cheaper alternative, use 2 cups Epsom salt and 1 cup baking soda. And for aromatherapy light a candle or some incense. This is meant to also relax you as well so you may want to take this before bed.
This was the only thing that gave me relief and allowed me to move my joints again in the proper 30 something way. When all else fails, stick to the basics and what has been tried and true methods for centuries!



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