Healing Herbs and Spices

One life lesson that has been passed on to me through my recently departed grandfather was to use nature and her resources to heal and protect your body so that you can care for yourself outside of modern medicine. My Pap Smith was always sharing herbal and holistic tricks of the trade with me because, like him, I believed this method to be savvy and easily accessible.
I have posted already about incorporating certain healing foods into your diet. But you should also keep layering healing herbs and spices to your dishes to enhance the process of caring for yourself through a changed diet.
Many of the types of herbs and spices that I am going to list have been fixtures in my spice cabinet for years. These add flavor, no doubt, to various types of dishes, but also have some specific benefits. You may find that these easily accessible pantry items could start giving you relief along with an immune boost.
So, let’s open the cabinet and see what are pretty basic household items.
Black Pepper-  This is on every table in America…and guess what? It helps relieve indigestion!
Parsley-  Reduces bloating
Garlic-  A natural antiseptic
Oregano-  I talked about oil of oregano a few blog posts ago. But this is the fresh or dried kind you’d use for cooking. And it soothes stomach muscles.
Sage-  Antiseptic and antibiotic
Dill- Relieved heartburn and gas
Rosemary- Antioxidant
And let’s take a look at some other herbs and spices, not always as common, that should be stocked in your pantry if they aren’t already!
Tumeric- Anti cancer
Clove-  Anti microbial
Ginger- Anti nausea
Fenugreek- Removes toxins
Basil- Relieves gas and soothes stomach upset
Peppermint- Eases indigestion
Spearmint tea-  Calms and soothes stomach and relieves gas
Chamomile tea- Calms and soothes
Cumin-  Anti inflammatory antioxidant
Coconut oil-  Antibacterial
These can all be added to many meals if you haven’t already been using some in your kitchen. Try making teas, using fresh herbs and spices when possible, or tossing a few shakes of something to your next dish.
You are in total control of your healing through the resources at your fingertips. Use food as an ally. Don’t allow it to be an enemy now that you need to be very cautious. I hope you try some new recipes out from my blog or try to create some of your own. Just remember, no matter what you’re cooking, be sure to follow the info above and spice up your life!
Thanks for reading and happy eating!


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