Going Coco-nuts

In my last post I mentioned some pantry items that you should facilitate. Coconut oil was one of them. The healing powers of coconut don’t stop at being antibacterial. It can also help relieve symptoms of the common cold, gives you energy, can help lower insulin, cures fungal infection, and can alleviate depression. There are hundreds of uses for coconut oil. And the most simple way I have found to get a frequent dose of it it to add a spoonful to my coffee or tea.


If you have never used coconut oil, it comes as a soild and needs to be heated up or added to something hot to become a liquid. (Like olive or vegetable oil.)
You will also notice that once this is added to a liquid it will give a coating or a sheen to the surface. Because oil and water don’t mix.


As with any congealing type of food or condiment, coconut oil will revert back to its solid state if allowed to get cold or if it comes back to room temperature. It’s better to cook with or in a hot beverage rather than in a smoothie. Even if you heat it and melt it, adding to a cool smoothie will make it lumpy and not very pleasant to sip on.
Try some in your next cup of joe!


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