Acidophilus!…. Gesundheit!

My Italian grandmother was known for many things as she wore many hats in her lifetime. And one thing that all of her grandchildren remember is how along with cookies, Biscotti, and something with garlic cooked into it you were getting an acidophilus pill too. Grandma Decanini was a former nurse and her health practices were spread out in her cooking, daily vitamins, and other beneficiary type pills or powders or tinctures. We all got some type of dose of healthy something rather from her each time we’d visit. She wanted to make sure we were healthy and strong. Back then not many people knew about acidophilus. If my grandma were a hipster, you could say, she liked acidophilus before it was cool. B)
Now we know that all this time grandma was trying to (amongst other things) support the growth of good bacteria in the intestinal tract.
Now you know all about this probiotic via the Mayo Clinic website. So next time you hear it spoken, you’ll know it’s meant to keep your digestive tract healthy… not an extravagant sneeze!


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